Physiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and Naturopathy
Physiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and Naturopathy
Physiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and Naturopathy
Massage Therapy at Physio F/X
Get that Gorgeous Mane with Massage therapy at Physio F/X
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 A better way to feeling better!

Massage Therapy at Physio F/X in Scarborough
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy offers many benefits to people of all ages.  

It can be helpful in maintaining overall well-being as well as helping clients achieve a greater level of self-awareness. 

It can help improve circulation, immune function, improve joint mobility, and decrease muscle tension.  It is a great way to briefly escape from the everyday stresses and treat yourself to a well-deserved hour of “me time”!
You’ll be amazed at just how effective one session can be at melting away all that neck and shoulder tension, or low back stiffness!

•Stress relief
•Low Back pain
•Headaches and Migraines
•Pregnancy related soreness and swelling 
•Repetitive strain injuries
•Muscle spasms and strains
•Neck, shoulder, and back                        stiffness

Massage Therapy at Physio F/X in Scarborough
•Post surgical rehabilitation
•Sports injuries
•Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•Inflammatory conditions like Arthritis and Tendonitis
•Circulatory and Respiratory problems

InStyle magazine recently named Massage Therapy the number 1 way to make your hair gorgeous!  They cited a study completed at Massachusetts General Hospital that showed that a scalp massage increases blood flow to the scalp, thus promoting healthier looking hair.  
Swedish Massage
All 5 of the Registered Massage Therapists (R.M.T.) at Physio F/X are trained in Swedish Massage Therapy techniques.  This is a style of Massage Therapy that focuses on long flowing strokes directed toward the heart.  Fingers, palms, elbows, and forearms may be used to release trigger points (“knots” in the muscle tissue that can create sensations of pain in other areas of the body), stretch muscle tissue, release tension, and increase circulation.  Swedish Massage is well-known for its soothing quality, and its promotion of the body’s natural healing processes.  

All of the R.M.Ts at Physio F/X are trained in Pre- and Post-Natal Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxation Massage, Repetitive Strain Injury Massage, and Motor Vehicle Accident Massage.  
Q. What do I wear?
A. This is entirely established by you and whatever your comfort level is.  Most people will undress to their underwear however, if you are uncomfortable you may elect to keep shorts on with a tank top, bra, t-shirt.  It’s up to you!  Keep in mind that Registered Massage Therapists go through extensive “draping” training.  Draping is the term used to describe the techniques your R.M.T. uses to cover your body with sheets.  At no point will any area of your body be exposed to their sight except the area that they are treating.  
Q. How long should I book my session for?

A.  When you are booking your first Massage Therapy session with an R.M.T. at Physio F/X, there is no predetermined duration.  You choose the length of your stay.  You can stay for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes.  When booking, keep in mind that your R.M.T. will have to ask you a few questions relating to your general health, and the reason for your appointment before starting your treatment.  If you are having a specific problem they may ask you to perform some movements to help determine what is causing your discomfort. This assessment portion of your first visit is considered PART of your scheduled time but will be brief.    We strongly recommend that you book for at least 45 mins for your first session, but as always the decision is entirely up to you! 
Q. Will my Extended Health Insurance cover my Massage Therapy sessions?

A.  Generally yes, however Massage Therapy is not included in all plans.  If you do have Massage Therapy coverage, then rest assured that your treatment will be covered because all of our Massage Therapists are registered in the province of Ontario.  As well, our rates fall within the “Reasonable and Customary” rates that Extended Health Insurance companies have established. 
The only reason your Massage Therapy sessions would NOT be covered is if your Extended Health Plan does not include Massage Therapy, or your plan limits the amount of money they will reimburse you per massage.  At this time, you would be reimbursed a portion of the Massage fee by your Insurance Company, and the difference would be your responsibility.  Also, some plans require a Physician’s referral before they will reimburse you for your Massage Therapy sessions.  It is best to call your Extended Health Insurance company and confirm the details of your coverage before booking your appointment.  As always, we are happy to help you navigate the (sometimes murky) Insurance waters!  Just ask!

Q. Do I need a Doctor’s referral to book an appointment?

A.  No you don’t!  Our therapists do not need to see a referral in order to treat you.  Your R.M.T. at Physio FX will however ask you a few questions before beginning your Massage to determine whether Massage Therapy is suitable for you.   It is always a good idea to consult with your Family Physician prior to starting a Massage Therapy program (or any new health program) in order to make sure that they feel Massage Therapy is right for you.    It is also a good idea to contact your Extended Health Insurance company before starting treatment to confirm whether they require a Doctor’s referral.

Q. How soon will my discomfort be resolved?

A Results depend on the nature of the problem.  It is generally unrealistic to expect one session to completely resolve a problem.  Certain issues can be quickly alleviated but often times problems are caused by long-standing physical adaptations made by the body to compensate for poor posture, repetitive tasks, non-active lifestyles, etc.  It may take several sessions before the body learns to correct the issues causing the discomfort.  Your R.M.T. is dedicated to helping you feel better.  They will provide you with the proper education and tools (such as stretches) that will help you through your rehabilitation.  
Sometimes, Massage Therapy will fall short of being able to resolve a complaint.  At such a time, your R.M.T. will refer you to the proper specialist. 
Q. I have allergies to certain lotion ingredients (plant extracts, aromas, etc).  What kind of lotion do you use?

A. Our R.M.Ts use a Hypoallergenic Professional Massage Gel that contains Grapeseed, Apricot, and Sesame extracts along with canola oil, wax, vegetable derived water dispersant, and Vitamin E.   If you have allergies to the ingredients found in our Massage gel, your R.M.T. will be happy to use an alternative.   Please let us know when you book your appointment so that we can adequately prepare before your arrival.
Q. If I have a cold should I still come for my Massage?

A.   Generally a mild cold can be helped by Massage Therapy.  However, there are times when you should cancel your scheduled appointment.  A Massage is not recommended if you are experiencing a severe cold/flu or cough, if you have a contagious infectious skin disease, if you are experiencing a fever, and of course if your Doctor has cautioned against it.  

Q. What are the Massage Therapy rooms like?

A.  The 3 (three)  Massage Therapy rooms are all fully private and enclosed rooms equipped with a Professional Massage Therapy table, storage space for your personal possessions, a chair for your comfort during an assessment, and soft lighting.   They are warm and cozy, and are all different as the therapists personalize their own space.  
Q. What are the Massage Therapists like?

A.  All of our Massage Therapists are expertly skilled, but each brings a different personality style and different treatment style to their work!  Finding the right Therapist is important.  Since everyone connects differently with different Therapists it is important to find an R.M.T who suits your needs.   We take no offense if a client wants to switch therapists, IN FACT WE ENCOURAGE IT!  Finding the perfect Massage Therapist is like finding that perfect pair of shoes: you may have to try on several different pairs before you find the right one!  If you would like to read a bit about the Massage Therapists before booking you can do so at our Meet the Team page ( click here to go there directly). 
Come in for a Relaxation Massage with one of our 5 RMTs
Massage Therapy at Physio F/X in Scarborough
If you are booking for a second visit, the length of your Massage again depends entirely on your wants and needs.  A 30 minute Massage Therapy session is ample time if you want your R.M.T. to focus on one problem area.  It isn’t enough time if you are in need of a Full Body Massage.  The 45 minute and 60 minute sessions are long enough for full body work.  If you are still unsure about how long to book for, just ask! 
Massage Therapy at Physio F/X
Providing Physiotherapy, Massage, Naturopathy and Acupuncture
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Check out the Ontario Massage Therapy Association's website for more Massage Therapy Benefits and other info here.
If you’ve had a Massage with one of our Registered Massage Therapists, chances are they recommended that you take an Epsom salt bath…but did you?  You may have agreed but thought to yourself: “What are Epsom salts?" or "What do they do?  Where do I get them? How much do I need for a bath?  How long do I soak?”  

Physio FX has done the research and it turns out these inexpensive crystals aid many different bodily functions.  
From flushing toxins, to increasing enzymatic function and efficacy, to reducing inflammation, and increasing your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, Epsom salts, also known as magnesium sulfate, accomplish a staggering number of beneficial tasks, all while you relax and soak in a soothing bath!

Epsom salts are pure mineral compounds that are primarily made up of magnesium and sulfate.  They were originally discovered during the Elizabethan period (Shakespeare’s day) in Epsom, England. Epsom salts' two main components, magnesium and sulfate, are vital elements to the human body.  Magnesium can be ingested as a nutritional supplement, but studies show that a wide variety of factors - like certain foods or drugs, certain medical conditions, and even the individual chemistry of a person's stomach acid - can interfere with its effectiveness.  Recently however, a study was conducted wherein all of the subjects experienced an increase in magnesium levels from soaking in a bath enriched with magnesium sulfate crystals (Epsom salts)!


•Ease stress
•Improve sleep and concentration 
•Help muscles and nerves function properly by regulating electrolytes.
•Regulate activity of 325+ enzymes 
•Help prevent artery hardening and blood clots 
•Soften skin
•Make insulin more effective 
•Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps 
•Improve oxygen use 
•Increase energy and stamina 
•Improve heart and circulatory health. 
•Flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells AND MORE!    

Amazed? We are!!

So how much do you need to use?  The recommended amount of Epsom salts per bath is generally 2 cups (500g).  How long should you soak?  The Epsom Salt Industry Council recommends at least 12 minutes.  You want to soak long enough to permit the heat of the water to bring blood to the surface of the skin allowing toxins to be drawn from the blood stream, while the magnesium and sulfates are absorbed.

Physio F/X hopes to be able to supply you with Epsom Salts soon, but in the mean time, do your body good and pick some up at your local Pharmacy (tip: we've found Zellers and Costco to have the cheapest rates).  Give yourself a 12 minute break and relax while you do your body good! 
Feeling better has never been this easy!

De-Mystifying Epsom Salts: A Secret Gem!
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Massage Therapy at Physio F/X
Massage Therapy can help with:

(InStyle Magazine, October 2008. Volume15, 
Number 11. pg. 305)
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Physiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and Naturopathy
Physiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and Naturopathy
Physiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and Naturopathy
Tel: 416-279-0460
55 Town Centre Ct. Suite 640
Scarborough, ON
M1P 4X4
Providing Physiotherapy, Massage, Naturopathy and Acupuncture
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