Physiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and Naturopathy
Physiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and Naturopathy
Physiotherapy Massage therapy and NaturopathyPhysiotherapy Massage therapy and Naturopathy
Your First Visit at Physio F/X in Scarborough Ontario

Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Naturopathy, and Acupuncture at Physio F/X
Your First Visit
Arrive Prepared! 

At your Initial Physiotherapy visit, you will have a scheduled appointment lasting approximately 60 minutes with a Physiotherapist who will evaluate your condition.  The initial evaluation will include a “history” (some questions regarding the condition and your general health), followed by “physical testing” (which involves standard methods of evaluating flexibility, strength, and function of the muscles, joints, and neurological structures involved with your condition).

After the physical testing is complete your Physiotherapist will discuss their evaluation and set out a treatment plan with you.  Your plan will include recommended passive treatments that will be performed in our clinic, an introduction to the active component of the treatment plan, and your “homework”.   You can expect to receive some treatment, some education, and some homework before you leave our clinic.

Please remember to bring...

If you have been referred to us, you will need to bring your Doctor’s referral.  Your doctor’s input is a very important part of your health care and it is important that we communicate with him/her as a part of your team.  If you would like help with your Extended Health Insurance it is important to bring your Insurance card so that we may take a copy of the Plan and ID numbers and make up forms.  It is also important to bring a form of payment as we ask that all New Clients pay at the end of their first session (cash, cheque, VISA, MC, debit are all acceptable methods of payment).  
Arrival time and Intake Forms

Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time on your first visit as you will be asked to complete an Intake form.  If you would like to fill out this form in advance we invite you to do so by printing it out through the following links and bringing it, completed and signed, to your first appointment.  Please select the appropriate set of forms according to your appointment.  Unfortunately the Chiropractic intake forms are not available online. We apologize for the inconvenience.  The few extra minutes before your appointment also allow us to complete any Extended Health inquiries that may be required.

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Please endeavor to be on time for subsequent appointments, or 5-10 minutes early, to ensure you receive the full treatment time scheduled for you and our other clients are not inconvenienced.


We ask that all New Clients pay for their first treatment at the end of the session.   If you have Extended Health Coverage and would like assistance with the billing process for subsequent sessions we are happy to help!  Please see our Billing section for additional information.  We can accept VISA, MC, Interac, cash, or cheque.
Physiotherapy at Physio F/X in Scarborough
Massage Therapy

Your R.M.T. may need to examine the area (s) which is (are) causing your discomfort prior to starting your treatment if you have a specific complaint, so you may want to wear loose fitting clothing to your Massage Therapy session.  However, if you are simply coming in for a Relaxation Massage there generally wont' be any need for an R.M.T. to perform an evaluation and in this case your normal attire is fine.  During your treatment you are free to wear whatever makes you most comfortable.  Most clients undress to their underwear, but you may choose to keep shorts, a tank top, bra, undershirt, etc on.  The Registered Massage Therapists at Physio F/X adhere to strict "draping" guidelines and will not expose any part of your body that is not being directly worked on. 
At your Initial Massage Therapy visit, you will have a scheduled appointment with one of our 6 Registered Massage Therapists.  Part of your scheduled time will be reserved for the R.M.T's brief evaluation of any conditions  you may be experiencing.   Following the assessment, your Massage Therapist will explain how to position yourself on the Massage table, will ask you to undress, and will leave the room for your privacy.  Before re-entering, they will knock to ensure that you are prepared, and covered by the top sheet on the table. At the end of your treatment, your Massage Therapist will discuss some stretching options with you, and will remind you to drink lots of water!  They will also provide you with their re-booking recommendation or refer you to another Specialist if they feel your condition warrants added attention.  
At your Initial Acupuncture visit you will have a scheduled time lasting approximately 60 - 70 mins with Dr. Tharmaraj. There is a short Intake Form to be completed prior to starting the treatment.  Dr. Tharmaraj l will discuss your general health and any issues you may be experiencing.  A treatment will be performed within this first session.   
What should I wear?


Your Physiotherapist will need to examine the area(s) which is (are) causing you pain, as well as any other area(s) that could be impacting the condition you are experiencing.  Therefore, to come prepared  we strongly recommend our clients come in with a pair of shorts, a tank top or loose T-shirt, and running shoes.  
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At your Initial Chiropractic visit, you will have a scheduled appointment that will last approximately 60 minutes with a Chiropractor who will evaluate your area of concern. The initial assessment will include a medical history where the Chiropractor will learn about any existing conditions, your general health as well as your main area of concern. Next, the Chiropractor will carry out a physical test/exam (i.e., tests of strength, flexibility and overall functioning), which will help us reach a diagnosis and decide a suitable treatment plan. After the physical test(s), your Chiropractor will discuss their evaluation and the appropriate treatment plan that usually entails passive (i.e., interferential current therapy, ultrasound) and active (i.e., exercises, stretches) treatment. During your initial assessment, you can expect some treatment, client education and homework.
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Our Mask Policy

PhysioFX is a mask friendly environment. Please note that wearing a mask is not mandated in Ontario at this time.

Please discuss with your clinician if wearing a mask is needed in the treatment space

We kindly ask that you be respectful to those around you if asked to wear a mask.